Jewish Places of Interest Paris

Did you know that Jewish communities existed in Paris since the 1st century? Or that the French Revolution granted Jews religious and occupational freedom for the first time in France's history?

Join us as we discover where the roots of Judaism took hold, explore the ancient Marais district, once the home to France's largest Jewish community and visit some of Europe's most beautiful synagogues.

So come along with us for a private guided tour with a Rabbi or local guides as we explore France's Jewish history from its roots to modern times. Tours are usual 3 to 4 hours long. Please note we do not offer tours on Shabbat.

Short Walking Tour

From the steps of the Notre Dame Cathedral to the 17th century Place des Vosges, from the Theater de la Ville de Paris to the Marais, Paris is filled with Jewish history, even where you least expect it!

Past the deportation monument, Memorial of the Shoah and Jewish Archives, and through cobblestoned streets of the Marais and explore centuries old synagogues, museums, homes that once belonged to famous Jewish artists, quaint Judaica shops, delis, bakeries and more on Rue des Rosiers and Rue Fredinand Duval and surroundings. If time Tournelles - Synagogue Guimard.

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The Marais :

The Marais, filled with magnificent historical buildings, charming streets and bustling kosher restaurants, boulangeries and charcuteries, has served as Paris's primary Jewish neighborhood since the 13th century. While still maintaining that old world charm, it is also the home to upscale art galleries, fashion houses and chic boutiques.