Pastry & Baking Classes

The French are renown for their decadent cuisine; especially desserts. Cream filled pastries, lighter than air macarons and chocolate confections are just some of the tantalizing desserts you can learn to make in in a sinfully delicious pastry class.

Learn to cook typical French pastries or why not bite into the ultra thin crust and break through the soft, fluffy and colorful combination of egg whites and cream, after taking a wonderful class learning to make Macarons from scratch!

Recipes will change from time to time, at the discretion of the chef.

Choux Pastry - 3hrs: Tuesday 2pm

Chouquettes: Cream Puffs
Eclair Salee: Savory eclair with chocolate, coffee or vanilla cream
Paris-Brest: Choux pastry & praline cream
Religieuse: Double cream puff with chocolate, coffee or vanilla cream
Choux Chantilly: Chantilly creame filled puffs
Glazes: Icing sugar, fondant or caramel

Drying batter : Working the mixture over the stove.
Coucher (Piping) : Placement of the batter on the pan and use of a pastry bag.
Glacer (Glazing) : Brushing the surface of certains pastries

Puff Pastry- 3hrs: Thursday 9:30am,

Napoleons/Mille Feuilles: Crème Pâtissière
Chaussons aux Pommes: Apple turnovers
Palmiers: Palm Leaves

Techniques :
Detrempe : Mixing of the ingrediants
Beurrage : Adding butter to the dough
Turns : Creating turns in the dough
Feuilleter: Enclosing folding and rolling the butter and dough.
Abaisser: Rolling out a sheet of pastry dough
Rayer: Scoring indentations with a paring knife.

French Desserts - 2.5hrs: Monday /Thursday 2pm :

Can be anything not made in another type of class

Crème Pâtissière Whishing wells (sweetened tart dough caramelized sugar),
Crème au beurre on Petit Four (coffee, pistachio or praline),
Caramel Custard cooked in a bain-marie
Crème Brûlée.

Foisonner Crème au Beurre : Whipping butter
Bain-marie: (water bath) cooking caramel custard in a water bath in the oven.
Emincer : Slice fruits thinly and regularly.
Dresser: Piping Batter

Macarons - 2.5hrs: Monday 10am Friday 2pm

Pistachio / Vanilla / Chocolate and Caramel ganache / Passion fruits and Milk chocolate ganache / Praline / Coffee-Tonka ganache / Raspberry jam / Blackcurrant ganache.

Petit boule : Cooking sugar to make mergingue
Macaronner : Folding in the batter
Dresser : Piping the batter on a sheet pan.

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Duration :

Monday - Friday 2 1/2hr-3hrs


Cost :
1 class 125€pp

Transfer to the chef's kitchen 39€