Paris Food Market & Gourmet Store Tours

Our food tours are led by English speaking restaurant critics, and sommeliers who have a passion for great French food. Visiting a typical Parisian open air food markets streets is an experience that will make your senses tingle with delight.

Listen to the friendly banter of vendors as they sell their fresh produce, spices, meats, breads and gourmet specialities. Taste the finest flaky croissants, delectable pastry masterpieces, perfectly balanced chocolates, creamy cheeses, silken fois gras at our favorite markets.

Your food guide will guide and help you select the food and delectable ingredients for a picnic plus teach you a few French Food words to boot. After the tour end with a picnic lunch and a bottle of wine and on request hear stories about the history and stories that have made French Gastronomy famous around the world. Why not have a picnic with the food you have purchased on the way.


Latin Quarter Market Tour Ref - SAV1 – Cost : 125€pp*

Available Tu - Sun

Discover Market Mouffetard or Maubert, and taste regional meats & cheeses chocolates, sweets, and great baked goods located amongst the charming backstreets of the medieval Latin Quarter.

Includes: Guide 3hrs / End in the Roman Arena - Excludes: *Tastings at client's expense / Optional: Sat 90min Champagne Tasting

Ave. Saxe Market & Rue Cler Tour Ref - SAV2 – Cost: 125€pp*

Available Th, Sa

Discover one of the best open air markets in Paris in the 7th arrondissement under the gaze of the Eiffel Tower. A short walk to rue Cler, one of the most famous food streets in Paris.

Includes: Guide 3hrs / End at the Eiffel Tower - Excludes: *Tastings at client's expense

Marche Aligre Ref - SAV3 – Cost: 125€pp*

Available Th, Sa

Discover one of the vibrant and multi cultural open air markets in Paris. Its one of my favorite for small prodcuer wines, cheese, break and fantastic hot chocolate in the winter. Nearby is the Baron Rouge a bar you must go to and have a glass of wine!

Includes: Guide 3hrs / End at the Eiffel Tower - Excludes: *Tastings at client's expense.

Gourmet Shops on St Germain Ref - SAV4 – Cost: 99€pp*

Available Tu, Sa

The intellectual and bohemian section of Paris is home to some of the best gourmet shops in paris and are fortunately located with easy walking distance including the Grande Epicerie at Bon Marche.

Includes: Guide 2hrs / End on left bank park - Excludes: *Tastings at client's expense / Optional: Sat 90min Champagne Tasting

Gourmet Shops on Ile St Louis Ref - SAV5 – Cost: 99€pp*

Available Tu, Sa

Under the shadow of Notre Dame you will find fantastic food shops. After buying food and wine your guide will discuss the history of the area as you head toward Pont Neuf & a hidden park by the river.

Includes: Guide 2hrs / End at the Pont Neuf - Excludes: *Tastings at client's expense / Optional : Sat 90min Champagne Tasting

Cheese Tasting – Ref - SAV6 – Cost: 99€pp

Available Mo, We

Know for his food and wine awards, and regional expertise join one of the top cheese and wine pairing specialist in Paris at his restaurant, as he guides you though the maze of French Cheeses

Includes: Cheese Expert for 90mins / 6 cheese from 3 families of cheese paired with 3 wines.

Costs based on 2 people.

Dessert and Pastry Shop Tour Ref - SWEET1 – Cost: 99€*

Available Tu - Sun

The intellectual and bohemian section of Paris is the epicenter of sweet treats in France. Everywhere you look there is a famous chef or baker churning out fresh pastries, breads & macarons.

Includes: Private Guide 2hrs - Excludes: *Tastings at client's expense

Marie Antoinette Louvre & Rose Tea Experience - SWEET2 – Cost: 175€pp*

Available Mo, We, Th, Fr, Sa

Private Louvre tour with special attention to of the Marie Antoinette objects and furniture in. After the tour your guide will continue the story as you visit the Palais Royal on your way to Tea at Ninas (since 1672) the original 18th century Rose recipe.

Includes: Private Walking Guide 3hrs / Louvre Entry - Exlcudes: *Tea at clients expense

Shopping and Tea at Dallayou - SWEET3 – Cost: 150€pp*

Available Mo-Sa

3hrs car on dispo to go shopping, followed by 4pm traditional tea at a luxury 5 star hotel.

Includes: English speaking driver / Reservations - Excludes: *Tea paid to the restaurant – from 45€pp

Panoramic Paris Tour + Tea at a Palace Hotel - SWEET4 – Cost: 180€pp*

Available Daily

3hrs panormaic car tour followed by 4pm traditional tea at a luxury 5 star hotel.

Includes: English speaking driver / Reservations - Excludes: *Tea paid to the restaurant from 45€pp

The Original Chocolate Tour - SWEET5 – Cost: 99€pp

Available Tu-Su

2hrs walking tour to discover some of the best chocolatiers in the world situating on the left bank around Boulevard St. Germain.

Includes: Private Guide 2hrs - Excludes: Tastings at client expense

Costs based on 2 people.

Discover the history of the Macaron, regional sweet delicacies such as Kouign-Amann, and experience both traditional and brand new creations from the best French Artisan-Patissiers!.

It is impossible to resist the fragrant, colorful, and luscious macaron and you will visit one of the best makers in the world. Luscious because when you bite into the ultra thin crust and break through to the soft fluffy, squishy, bright, and colorful combination of egg whites and cream you can not help but think of Marie Antoinette dressed in magnificent pastel silks, eating macarons.

Learn about the importance of Chocolate in France, and how French Chocolate became among the best in the world. To illustrate we will visit an especially creative chocolate maker from the Bretagne region of France, this renowned artisan has become well-known for his fun and lovable sculptures as well as for the variety of chocolate creation he offers, alongside regional specialties. En route taste : Pastries, Macaron, Chocolates, Kouignettes.

Tour Highlights:
- An introduction to chocolate in France, and Breton pastries
- The history of popular Parisian pastries.
- The history and uses of Modern chocolate.
- The history of Macaron.

Learn the history behind some of the best and most renowned chocolate and pastry makers of Paris, and taste the differences as you learn about how they each perfected their art in their own way.

It was up until the end of the monarchy, all the most delicious delicacies, patisseries, champagnes and winces were exclusively reserved for the King and his court.

Legendary French dishes and fantastical pastries that still exist today were often creations of the ostentatious court.

From the supplier of the Kings to modern days Maesetros, taste some of the best chocolate in the world. On this tour you will visit a wide variety of the best artisanal Chocolatiers of France, in a district full of art and history ... from the supplier to King Louis XVI to a new concept chocolate cafe where you can watch the chefs make the chocolate.

Did you know that good quality bittersweet chocolate usually contains 60% to 85% solid cocoa. If the content of cocoa solids is high the content of sugar is low, giving a rich, intense and more or less bitter chocolate flavor.

Discover chocolate creations, sculptures, as well as unique blends, new tastes, and new ways of using chocolate, as you discover how French Artisan Chocolatiers pour their creativity and craftsmanship into their work. A bittersweet experience because you will be sad to end the tour! En route you will taste different types of chocolate...Praliné, Ganaches, Herbal and Bonbons to illustrate the stories.

Tour Highlights:
- How Chocolate came to France (you'll never guess)
- History of Great French Chocolatiers
- Why is French chocolate the best in the world.
- The difference between commercial and artisanal chocolate
- Different ways of eating and serving chocolate
- Chocolate alchemy, the art of blending ingredients to perfect new types of chocolate.