The Best Selection of Gastronomic Delights in Paris

Cafe de la Nouvelle Marie

At Café de la Nouvelle Mairie, they’re doing bistro v2.0 right. An energetic, engaged staff, quick with banter, exemplifies the word convivialité.You’ll get a friendly welcome, and perhaps a glass of wine at the zinc bar Read more

Restaurant Zarma

It is not only the best Kebap in town, ask Nicholas to tell you the full story of the Kebap, kebab and “sandwiches Grecs”, He will be glad to tell you everything about it and his apprenticeship of this art in-between Berlin and Istanbul. Read more


There’s a very special address in Montmartre: La patisserie de Boris of Boris Lumé. In beautiful 1900 decor, taste this memory trigger of any French person who is still a child at heart, and then succumb to one of their very elaborated pastries. Read more

Le Square Marcadet

If the weather is good, bypass the stark and original décor of the main room in favor of the patio, one of the rare green oasis in Paris. Settle back and relax among the locals, and travel with the fusion food menu elaborated by Damian Dearlove. Read more

La Pantruche

La Pantruche restaurant for it´s locals is one of the staples of Parisian life and the best ice-breaker for Parisians too often (and unjustly) reputed as distant. Read more


The coffee machine never stopped to evolve during the 19th century to find its actual shape under the inspiration of M. Bezzera. The machine pictured here is a modern reproduction of his creation. You can admire this fascinating espresso machine in this typical Ménilmontant local cafe.  Read more

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