Champagne Tasting in Paris

The daughter of winemakers in the Valley of the Marne, welcomes you to a wonderful venue and experience. Your champagne expert spent her youth on the family vineyard. After a science degree and a career in international marketing she returned to her roots and passion for champagne after rediscovery the excellence of her own family's champagne. She decided renovate and open a beautifully designed shop and basement cave in the heart of the Left Bank to promote and highlight the craftsmanship of small producers.

The store stocks over 140 different champagnes produced by 25talented artisans and each month client's have the opportunity to enjoy these throughout the day, in a magnificent 17th century vaulted cellar

This is not only a great was to learn about champagnes that you may never have had the opportunity to discover but you get to do it with locals as well in a small group.

Upcoming Event: October 20, 2017 at 6pm or 7:30pm

8 Glass Pinot Meuniere Introductory Tasting
1. Serveaux Fils - Meunier d'Antan Nature
2. Didier Ducos - Absolu meunier
3. Roger Constant - Select Réserve
4. Eric Taillet - Bansionensi
5. Métayer - Exclusif
6. Roger Barnier - Meunier 2012
7. Demière - Solera 23
8. Heucq P&F - Rosé de Saignée 201

Email us for details or if you can't make it we'll reserve a private guide to drive you to the Marne Valley, home to the Pinot Meuniere grape where you can do a full day of multi-tastings.


Morning Tastings - ref CHAMP6 - 39€pp

Available Saturday

In collaboration with an artisanal winemakers join us for for a journey into the heart of the champagne vineyards for a tasting and learn about winemaking, work on the earth, and how champagne is developed.

Includes: Champagne Expert / 3 glasses of Champagne

Champagne Pairings - ref CHAMP7 - 79€pp

Available Daily

Each month we highlight one producer from each of the main regions. Your server will bring the food and champagne and explain each champagne and then leave you to enjoy your tasting meal.

Includes: 4 glases of Champagne / Foie Gras / Bellota & Serrano Ham / Aged Comtés cheese/ Moelleux aux framboises

Private Tasting Experience - ref CHAMP8 - 89€pp

Available Daily

Our champagne expert will explain the difference between the 4 main terroirs and the 4 different grapes through tasting, a sensorial discovery of the different aromas and tasting analysis. Minimum 4 participants

Includes: Champagne Expert 2hrs / 4 glases of Champagne/ Eric Kayser bread.