Vintage 11CV Traction Avant Car Tours

Between 1934 to 1957 Citroen produced about 760,000 front-wheel drive cars called the Traction Avant. It was designed by André Lefèbvre and Flaminio Bertoni in late 1933 / early 1934 and known as "Reine de la Route" ("Queen of the Road"). The car pioneered 3 mass production revolutionary features still in use today: a unitary body/chassis with no separate frame which results in a lighter vehicle and still used today, 4 wheel independent suspension, and front-wheel drive which pioneered the European mass car market.

The car was named according to the French tax horsepower rating, or CV (chevaux vapeur), used to determine annual car tax levels. After the war the government used a formula that took into account the number of cylinders, the piston bore, and the stroke to encourage manufacturers to build cars with small engines, and French motorists to buy them. Manufacturers did not change the model name every time a change of engine size caused a change in fiscal horsepower. For example, in 1934, Citroën introduced the 7CV, unofficially the 7A. They continued calling the car 7CV when the 7B model's larger engine pushed it into the 9 CV tax band. Other designations were  11CV, 15CV 22CV.

Tractions were favored by the French Resistance, and as occupation gave way to liberation they showed up all over France with FFI inscribed on their doors. The cars were known as favorites among gangsters such as the then infamous Pierrot le Fou and his Traction gang. The Traction Avant has made over 1,300 film/TV appearances, including The Sound of Music, Diva (1981 film) , The Army of Shadows 1969, and the 2017 BBC TV production of SS GB.


11CV Traction Avant Tour ref 11CV2 - 2hrs – 250€

Available Day or Night

Discover Paris Monuments on our luxury vintage Traction Avant with a great English speaking driver guide in the car the became the symbol of the French Resisitance

Includes: English speaking driver for up to 4 people

11CV Traction Avant Tour ref 11CV3 - 3hrs - 350€

Available Day or Night

See Paris monuments with some insdier stops on our luxury vintage Traction Avant with an English speaking driver guide.

Includes: English speaking driver for up to 4 people

11CV Traction Avant Tour ref 11CV4 - 4hrs - 450€

Available Day or Night

Explore  Paris Monuments and Montmartre on our luxury vintage Traction Avant with a great English speaking driver guide.

Includes: English speaking driver for up to 4 people

Wedding Rentals & Shoots - ref 11CV5  700€

Available Saturdays

5hr Wedding rental with an English speaking driver. We can provide flowers, photographer and transport for your guests.

Includes:  English speaking driver for 5hrs.

Optional: Champagne 59€ / Vintage Photography 2hrs 350€

Left Bank Tour + Dinner at La Coupole - ref 11CV1

Available Nightly

Discover Paris ending in Montparnasse where you will see where the great artists lived and worked and then dinner in the most famous Art Deco restaurant of the period where the walls were painted by these artists.

Includes: 2hr tour / Reservations  Excludes: * 3 course dinner, pay direct to restaurant From 39€pp.

Romantic Montmartre Tour + Dinner in a traditional Guinguette - ref 11CV3 

Available Nightly

Discover Montmartre in a vintage 11CV (pick up 5:30pm). Ends at a La Bonne Franquette, a typical Guinguette restaurant just off the place du Tertre for dinner.

Includes:  2hr tour / Reservations Excludes: * 3 course with drinks pay directly to restaurant. apprx. 39€pp

Latin Quarter Tour + Fondue Dinner + Jazz - ref 11CV4

Available Nightly

7pm private transfer to our favorite Fondue bistro near rue Moufftard in the heart of the Latin Quarter. At 8:45pm your 11CV driver will meet you for a fun filled 1hr tour ending at the oldes Jazz Club in Paris.

Includes:  1hr tour / Cheese fondue with unltd salad & potatoes / Jazz Club Entry.

VIP Vintage Shopping Tour with an Expert - ref 11CV5 

Available Saturdays

Spend 4hrs with a Vintage Clothing expert starting with a 1hr Masterclass in your hotel lobby on the history of Paris fashion.  Our 11CV will then pick you up and take you to shops where we have already made appointments.

Includes:  4hr professional vintage clothing expert / 3hr vintage 11CV

Saint Germain Tour + Luxury River Limo Champagne Cruise – ref 11CV6 

Available Daily

2hr tour to discover the historical monuments of the left bank: Pantheon, Sourbonne, Luxembourg Gardens, Latin Quarter, St Germain, Invalides and final drop off for your champagne cruise in a wooden Venetian runabout.

Includes:  2hr car tour / 1 1/2hrs Cruise with a bottle of Moet et Chandon