Cheese Tastings

Traditionally, there are from 350 to 400 distinct types of French cheese grouped into eight categories. 56 cheeses are classified, protected, and regulated under French law. The majority are classified as Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC), the highest level of protection. French cheese production is classified under four categories under AOC rules:

Fermier: A farmhouse cheese, which is produced on the farm where the milk is produced.

Artisanal: A producer producing cheese in relatively small quantities using milk from their own farm, but may also purchase milk from local farms.

Coopérative: A dairy with local milk producers in an area that have joined to produce cheese.

Industriel: A factory-made cheese from milk sourced locally or regionally.

Our French cheese tasting sessions gives you the opportunity to discover a whole world of authenticity and flavours.

Duration :
Monday - Friday 5hrs


Cost :
190€pp (min 2/max 6)

Round Trip transfers to the chef's kitchen

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French Cheese Initiation:

Know for his food and wine awards, excellent quality and regional expertise join one of the top Cheese and wine pairing specialist in Paris at his restaurant, as he guides you though the maze of French Cheeses and beverage which come from the same region. will guide you through the regions of France and pair each cheese with a typical wines, beer, and juices from the same region as the cheese.

Sample Tasting / Pairing Itinerary:

7 cheese and 7 beverages
Fromage Frais: Crème crue de la Manche / Apples Juice 
Pâte Pressée Cuite : Comté du jura / Macvin, vin muté du Jura
Persillé ou Bleu: Roquefort / moelleux Coteaux du layon 
Pâte à Croute Lavée : le dauphin / Bière brune de Picardie Brasserie Maeyaert OR Mont d’or / vin de noix
Pâte à Croute Fleurie : Camembert fermier/ Cidre des Noés
Chèvre : Chevre du tarn / AOC Gamay 2001
Pâte Préssée Non Cuite : Tome du tarn/ Floc rouge de Gascogne Gaillac 2009
Fromage Fort: fromage fort maison affiné au calvados / vieux marc de bourgogne


Latin Quarter Cheese & Wine Tasting:

Join us for an introduction in French wine and cheese in a cozy Latin Quarter wine bar. Your English speaking Sommelier will guide you through four wines, as well as their regions such as Burgundy, the Loire Valley, Bordeaux and the Cote du Rhone while explaining the different families of cheeses.

Aging Cheese

This strict selection compels significant time visiting cheese producers and farmers throughout the country, some of them known for many decades. It is also important to respect nature and the seasons, because all cheeses are not the same at all times of the year, and some are not produced during certain seasons.

Another principle is to know each terroir, visiting the herds and grazing lands in order to be familiar with the exact origin of each product. The requires walks up the mountains paths, to choose just the right pieces of cheese that will be cured and aged for about one year. Some cooked-curd cheeses like Comte, Beaufort, and Parmesan, after being reserved several years in advance, remain with the producer to be cured.

Once delivered, those cheeses will be matured in curing cellars from 15 days up to several months, depending on their variety. Each cheese is watched closely to determine the precise moment when it should be delivered. Keeping in mind that no cheese improves through being kept too long.

Larry, it went very well. The guide was excellent and the chef had selected great cheese and drink. A good experience for everyone. I'll contact you again if we have similar request. "

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