Private Champagne Tours

Reserve a private guided tour of Champagne with pick up in Paris or Reims, as we explore one of the most legendary wine producing regions in the world. For over 10 years we have specialized in providing personalized private cellar, vineyard, and tasting visits.

In addition to cellar visits at thefamous large Houses, discover the Champagne vineyards on small family estates, and see the entire Champagne making process, from vine to glass. Compare regions, grapes, blends, and fermentation times at family producers. We have established a network of excellent small grower producers across the region who are willing to open their doors to our clients, greet them like family and show them where and how they work.

We'll help you decide the best combination of visits between the famous large prestige Houses, and small grower producers on our tours. To make it easier, we have create 4 tour categories to help you pick the right balance and you get the most out of your trip and have fun on the way. These are: Discovery, Grand Prestige, Tasting, and Luxury. . We can also arrange exclusive visits at a number of prestige producers as well as special experiences like sabrage, 2cv tours through the vineyards, snail farm visits, lunch cruises, and (with a minimum of 4 people), champagne tasting lunches at a family producer.


Known for their chalk cellars, Veuve Clicquot, Taittinger, Pommery and Ruinart conjure up images, which define the magic of Champagne. Their cellars and vineyards, have produced the most famous drink in the world. Some of most renowned vineyards are located between Verzenay and Verzy and Bouzy and Ambonnay, where the purest chalk subsoil is found and is a perfect environment for the finest Pinot Noir grapes, which adds structure to a blend. Reims is also known for its famous UNESCO gothic Cathedral where the kings and queens of France were crowned for centuries.

Moet et Chandon, and Dom Perignon on Avenue de Champagnes is the epicenter of Epernay. The vineyards of the Marne stretch along the river Marne towards Paris ending around Chateau Thierry. The area is synonymous with the Pinot Meunier grape because of its colder soils, providing fruitiness and suppleness to the wines. Close by we often visit small producers in Ay, located on the south edge as it has characteristics of both the Marne Valley and the Côte des blancs, making the champagne there exceptional. En route we sometimes like to stop and see the magnificent statue of Pope Urban II in Chatillon sur Marne and a pnormaic view over the Marne Valley.

Vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, over rolling hillsides, dotted with picturesque villages and small family producers that echo to the artisanal rhythm of the work in the vineyards, many of which are located along the "Route Touristique de Champagne". At these small grower producers, many of whom use artisanal production facilities, you often do multi-tastings of 3-5 champagnes, and taste a wide array of different Champagnes style and really understand the subtleties of dosage, assemblage, cépage terroir, and millésime. From time to time we can walk through the vineyards and your host with the help of your English speaking guide will explain the Champagne soil, terroir, main grape varieties, and the vines through the seasons from pruning in winter to ripening and harvest in autumn.

Prestige Cellar Choices: Visits (1 1/4hr – 2hrs) are conducted in English.
 Epernay: Moet et Chandon / Billecart Salmon / Mercier / Georges Cattier
 Reims: Veuve Clicquot / Ruinart / Taittinger / Mumm / Pommery / Martel

Places of Interest
 Reims: Unesco Cathedral
 Hautviller: Village and Abbey of Hautvillers
 Chatillon: Arriving or departing stop by to see a panoramic view of the Marne Valley

Discovery Tour - 1 Prestige Cellar visit and 2 Family Producer Visits

Available Daily

One cellar visit in Epernay + visit Hautvillers or one cellar in Reims + visit the Cathedral.

Includes: Professional Driver Guide / Planning & Reservations

Grand Tour - 2 Prestige Cellar Visits in Reims and Eperany

Available Daily

Cellar visit and tastings in both Epernay and Reims, plus a tasting visit to a small family producer or the Reims Cathedral or visit the village of Hautvillers.

Includes: Professional Driver Guide / Planning & Reservations

Vineyard Tour - 4 Family Producer Visits

Available Daily except Sunday

Learn how to identify different Champagne styles and grape varieties, fermentation times, metal vs barrel aging and terroir at 4 small family producers where you will taste 12-15 tastings.

Includes: Professional Driver Guide / Planning & Reservations

Luxury Tour - Private Prestige Cellar & Small Producer Visit

Available Daily except Sunday

At least one private cellar visit e.g Dom Perignon in Epernay or semi private visit to Vueve Clicquot or Ruinart. Visit a small boutique producer and extra time for lunch or one of the below options.

Includes: Professional Driver Guide / Planning & Reservations

 Tour of a vineyard in a vintage 2CV (up to 3)
 Champagne and cheese tasting in the cellars of a small producer
 Snail farm visit ending with a tasting paired with champagne
 Saturday visit to a Cheese producer in Brie
 Lunch at a family producer
 Triple Grand Cru tasting to compare the effect of the terroir itself
 Sabrage Lesson (min 2)

Discover a vineyard, traditional press, and cellars followed by a single or multiple tastings. Your guide will explain the soil, main grape varieties and the vines through the seasons from pruning in winter to ripening and harvest in autumn.

From Reims

Option 1:
Discover the Reims Mountains: Pass through Grand Cru villages like Verzy, Verzenay, Mailly for tour and tastings. The selection will be based on availability of the growers and depending on the type of visit I.e tasting only or tasting and facility visit we have time to visit 2 or 3 producers.

Option 2:
Discover Epernay & Marne Valley: Head south to the Avenue de Champagne in Epernay for a visit to Moet et Chandon for a cellar visit and tasting. After the tour visit the Village of Hautvillers to pay hommage at the Abbey of Dom Perignon and then a tasting visit at a small producer.

From Epernay

Option 1:
Visit 2 small family producers, one in a Grand Cru village the Cote de Blancs who specializes in Chardonnay and the 2nd in the Marne Valley with a focus on Pinot Meunier. If time a tasting visit at a 3rd producer or Hautvillers.

Option 2:
Chalk cellar visit at one of the top houses in Reims plus visit small producer and if time Reims Cathedral.