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The excitement starts to build as soon as you decide that Paris is going to be your next vacation. But where to begin? The possibilities are endless with so many museums, wine and cheese tastings, cooking classes, biking and walking tours, cruises and a night life like no other city! Let us take the work out of planning your holiday. With over ten years of experience planning trips in Paris and beyond, we have created a wide variety of unique and interesting tours, activities and experiences that highlight the best the Paris and it's surrounding areas have to offer.

As Paris destination specialists, we can work with you to create a fully customized itinerary that focuses on you and your family's interests and passions while taking into careful consideration your budget.


Cost Guideline:

Trip Plan 2/3 touring days 150€
Plan it by Phone - 30 mins 75€
"Your Neighborhood" Plan 75€


Lunch Suggestions:

Bistro near the Louvre
Latin Quarter Bistro
Eiffel Tower 1st floor
Best Breton Creperie

Old St Germain bistro
19th century passages
Fashion concept shop lunch

Historic bistro in Montmartre
Pavillion overlooking a classical 19th century park.
Trendy kitchen/studio outside Paris & ingredients locally sourced
Best Hamburgers in Paris

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Personalized Trip Planning:

Whether your visit is for one day, a week or more we can help you get the most our of your Paris vacation. Visit magnificent monuments, discover French wine, discover greaet restaurants, visit lesser know museums and much more!. Here are the basics a tour itinerary. And of course leave time to discover Paris's many exquisite shopping boutiques.

Step 1. Look through the site to get an idea of the possibilities,

Step 2. Look at a Basic Itinerary

Step 3. We will send you a few short questions to help us learn more about you and your interests.

You will receive a custom travel outline that includes tours, experiences and tastings within the budget you give us. Simple and effortless, just the way a holiday is supposed to be!

or Plan It by Phone and in 30 minutes we'll answer all your key questions.

Arriving in Paris:

Hotel check in is usually at 2pm so don't get stuck hanging around. Here are some options: Private airport transfer PLUS:

Option 1: 2hr walking / planning /shopping tour of your neighborhood with your English speaking driver/guide.

Option 2: 3hr breakfast tour prior to drop off and hotel check usually at 2pm. Breakfast with Panoramic View or Les Deux Margots.

Option 3: 1hr visit in Chateau de Chantilly + breakfast in a Chateau then transfer and drop off bags at your hotel before final drop off for lunch at a neighborhood restaurant, which we will recommend.

Discover Your Neighborhood:

We can plan your itinerary to get the most out of your local neighborhood. You will be amazed at the wonderful variety of restaurants, chocolate boutiques, cheese shops and wine cellars just waiting to be discovered by you!

Each arrondissement has its own charm and character. From the chic boutiques in the Latin Quarter to the eclectic neighborhood of Montamarte, there is so much to discover!

We will send you a short questionnare so that we can learn more about you. Once you have completed the form, simply email it back to us so we can begin assembling your personalized itinerary which includes:

- 6-10 local restaurant recommendations in 3 price ranges.
- Activities and events taking place in and around your neighborhood.
- The closest historic monuments and museums.
- Food markets/ gourmet food /wine stores.
- Unique specialty shops
- Important places and phone numbers ( nearest 24 hour pharmacy, post office, emergency clinics and hospitals).

Restaurant Reservations

Need a Great Cup of Coffee?
Go to Coutume Lab.
4 rue Bouli,75001

France is not known for it's coffee but trendy cafes have been springing up. Coutume is one of the city's best with 2 places on the left bank and a new one near the Louvre.


You can journey back and see remains of the 13th century wall that once guarded the old city but now stands nestled in between apartment buildings and boutiques. Imagine dangerous beasts slowly encroaching upon Roman gladiators as you stand in the middle of the biggest amphitheater outside of Italy in the Latin Quarter. If you cross the river past Notre Dame the greatest gothis cathedral in the world and though the Ile St Louis you will come to the right bank where you can discover contemporary boutiques nestled between the 17th century private mansions of the fashionable Marais and admire the historic streets and grand architecture surrounding the Place des Vosges, the oldest square in Paris.

Americans and Paris is a love affair where both parties have come out for the better. The American Revolution, greatly inspired by French writers, sent her heroes to give hope to the French. Stories of the morning of July 14, 1789 marked the beginning of a new era in French history as fire and smoke As rose up from the ashes of the Bastille. As the citizens of France stormed the medieval prison crying “Vive la Revolution!”, the embers of a republic began to grow. And as the guillotine worked feverishly from morning till night sending devout royalists to their death, the long bloodline of corrupt kings was extinguished with the imprisonment in the Conciergerie and beheading of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette on Place de la Concorde.

The following years were full of terror and wars so imagine the excitement as the Eiffel Tower was unveiled for the first time in front of cheering crowds. Completed on May 6th, 1889 for the grand opening of the Paris World Fair, it was one of the greatest architectural achievements of the century. Standing taller than any other building, it showed that the glorious City of Lights was on the edge of modernity. And with some of the most magnificent structures surrounding it, such as The opulent Opera Garnier, the grand Arch de Triomphe with it's detailed sculptures, the extravagant Alexander III bridge and the wondrous Grand Palais with it's groundbreaking glass roof, it enhanced the feelings of hope and prosperity of the time.

Only a few decaed later and Paris fell into the hands of the German army on June 14, 1940 leaving the city and it's inhabitants at the mercy of the enemy. After four long years filled with food shortages, bombings and countless casualties, the City of Lights was finally liberated. And while the post-war era marked the beginning of an economic boom, the scars of the recent war remain visible on buildings, bridges and parks.

Writers and artists have flocked to Paris to be inspired and have, hence, built upon the city’s lore. American music has and still does today shake the club scene. American influence is tightly wrapped into the history of Paris! Join us as we follow in the footsteps of Americans from Ben Franklin to Ernest Hemmingway. Visitors come for all over the world to shop in Galerie Lafayette, the city's largest department stores renowned for it's magnificent stained glass ceiling and in the eclectic variety of unusual shops in a 19th century covered passages which stretch all the way to the Palais Royal. Locals and tourists savor the flavors of authentic French cuisine and famous cafes like Le Deux Margot and Cafe Flore.

When people think of Paris, magnificent buildings and monuments. But did you know that the city once consisted of quaint villages interconnected by narrow, winding medieval streets? Although the city has greatly changed over the centuries, there are still many neighborhoods that contain charming reminders of times gone by. Be on the lookout as picturesque hills , hidden vineyards and a 300 year old windmill seem to appear out of nowhere. Travel along peaceful canals and across exotic gardens as you discover the charms of Paris.

Tour Suggestions

Day 1
Half or full day panoramic tour of the city to get your bearings. See the most treasured landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Trocadero and Opera Garnier and decide where you want to spend more time later in the week. Stop for lunch at the "58" Restaurant, located on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. Afternoon visit to the Louvre or Orsay museum.

Day 2
The next day its time to see some of the marvels close to Paris. A guided visit to Chateau Versailles to explore the magical Hall of Mirrors or watch the famous fountain show for half day or full day or combine with a visit to Monet’s Home and Gardens in Giverny.

Day 3
Time for a fun experience. Start your day with an Electric Bike or Segway tour. You will be able to effortlessly maneuver through quaint backstreets, chic avenues and picturesque hills with ease thanks.

Day 4
A professional French cooking class awaits you this morning. Either visit a typical market where locals shop, return to the cooking studio with your bounty of fresh produce and learn how to make a delicious appetizer, main dish and dessert. Or take a dessert class and leant to make French classics.

Day 5
This is your day to take a full day excursion outside of Paris and discover one of the many exciting regions of France. Choose from Champagne, Loire Valley, or Normandy.

Other Experiences:

A dinner cruise on the river Seine
A romantic horse & carriage ride
A Grand Cru wine tasting
A gourmet market visit

“Hi larry! I just wanted to let you know we absolutely LOVED our Paris trip! It was very successful except for the Louvre being closed but Bruno turned it into a great walking tour instead :-) Everything else went perfectly and our day trips with Jacques were fabulous! He is superb!.. We very much enjoyed Olivier as well.”