French Cooking Class with Market Visit

Spend the day immersed in French food and culture starting with a visit to an open air market and followed by hands on 3 course cooking experience in English learning seasonal recipes in a French home, about 15 minutes drive to Meudon.

After the class, sit down with your chef for lunch and a glass of wine and discussion on French art of the table.

Marie has selected 2 of the best open air markets in Paris to explore and for a local experience on Friday, a visit to a local market in Meudon.

Tuesdays:   No market visit and the cooking class is extended one hour.
Wednesday:Ave. du Président Wilson where many Michelin Star Chefs shop
Thursday:   Ave. Saxe in Paris 7th under the gaze of the Eiffel Tower
Friday:       Village of Meudon Saturday:   Same a Thursday

Cost: 190€pp Minimum 2 and maximum 6 participants.

Spring Menu:
Wine Selection : Pinot Gris Alsace

Amuse Bouche 
Cheese Gougère with Comté Cheese & Provence herbs
Asparagus with Mousseline Sauce & soft boiled egg

Cooking Technique :
Choux pastry 
Mousseline Sauce

Cheese Tasting : Gruyere/Comte/Emmental/ Beaufort

Main Course:
Brandade Provençale : Parmentier with fish and fresh herbs
Sadad with french vinaigrette
Selection of fresh herbs from the market

Cooking Technique :
Selection of fresh fish
French potatoe purée
French vinaigrette

Lemon Tart with Meringue

Cooking Technique :
Almond tart dough
Lemon Pastry Cream

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Market and Class Itinerary :

09:00am Meeting at a specified location in Paris as per the weekly itinerary.
09:15am Market Visit
10:15am Private transfer with chef to her home for debriefing & coffee
11:00am Cooking Lesson - Starter, Main & Dessert
02:00pm Lunch with wine and discussion of French art of the table 
03:00pm Private transfer to Paris and drop off at metro Ballard Line 8

Available in English, Spanish and French

Rue Cler/Ave Saxe Market Tour with a French Foodie:

Joined by an English speaking food guide, visit some of Paris's finest food shops, bakeries, butchers and cheese shops in chic boutiques of Paris 7th. Only steps away from the Eiffel Tower you can visit a market and market street.

About your Chef

Born to French parents living in Morocco, Marie-Françoise was raised on an orange citrus & olive tree plantation. Her passion is combining her love for international cultural exchange, and the seemingly simple yet profound experience of creating and sharing the gift of FOOD.

« I grew up in a very large traditional french famil -6 brothers & 3 sisters- in which culture, the art of living and entertaining was handed down to even the youngest children !

In Morocco, we children were responsible for filling the fruit baskets for the lunchtime meal. During winter we would climb up the orange and lemon trees, just outside the family dining room, to pick the fruits which later would be used to create desserts and sauces. In June , we would gather the precious strawberries in the family’s vegetable garden , which later would be savoured plain or with a little sugar. In the fall, we would cut clusters of grapes in the vineyard, just before lunch, so that the grapes would still be warm !

Lunchtime was an affair of 15 to 20 people seated at once. A beautiful white table cloth was always enhanced by a subtle flower arrangement: violets in the spring – orange blossoms in winter…fine china with a flowery motifs and impeccable silverware. Our job as children was to help our mother set the table, and in this way she passed on all the traditions of this very precise art!

We were’t allowed into the kitchen, which was an adults-only zone ! We spent our summers in Switzerland, on the banks of the lac Léman, (from July to September) , and there we were allowed into the kitchen during the preparation of afternoon snacks and desserts made with seasonal fruits: Berry Tarts– Cherry or Mirabelle Clafoutis– Apricot, Apple and Pear Preserves and Marmelade …. Madeleines, Butter Shortbread, Marble Cake etc …. I discovered the rich butter and fresh cream fragrant with the unmistakable flavour of the Haute Savoie !

All the mysteries of Raclette, Cheese Fondue, Gougère et Souffé with Comté or Gruyère were revealed to us!

When our family left Morocco for good, we settled in a mansion in the French countryside in the Beauce region. This was the true beginning of my cooking experience – I was 10 years old. Every day meals for 12 people had to be prepared and my mother needed help. I was in charge of dessert: a large kitchen at my disposal and no guidelines. I was free to experiment with anything and everything ! No week-end went by without a desert at every meal and our home was a veritable family « guest house »

The abundant vegetable garden also encouraged me to begin cooking seasonal family recipes. In summertime, we would pick flowers from the garden and make fresh bouquets for the house. Not one week went by without making marmelade with the fruits from the garden: cherries, raspberries, strawberries, apricot, greengage plum, mirabelle, apple, pear … In fall, the hunting season brought with it the delicious scents of hare, pheasant, and wild boar terrines which filled the kitchen ! In winter, chocolate, and chestnut cream were a must ! As Christmas approached, the kitchen became a veritable workshop : chocolate truffles, disguised fruits, buches de noël … A real celebration!. Throughout the year, theme parties (Moroccan, Spanish…), and even my older brother’s marriage, were organized at home from the decoration to the smallest morsel of food. I loved it !

At age 18, I went to study languages abroad and took advantage of these travels to study the cuisines of other cultures. Back home, I tried them out at these family celebrations and they were a hit ! In London, I discovered Asian and Indian cuisines and became fascinated with spices…

My brother, a student at the Hotel School of Lausanne, gave me advice, a solid foundation and daring! My parents, who often entertained, naturally passed on to us the classic french art of cooking and entertaining, which is chic and subtle and 100% homemade.

Finally returning to Paris, 10 years ago I created a brand of fine culinary products : positioned to return luxury gourmet food to its pure, luxurious state by revealing the true « essence of origin » of cocoa, coffee, whole sugar, pepper & spices and crafting products such as organic hazelnut cream, hand-crafted sea salted toffee, and fruits spread « Délit Fruité ». We specialize in single-origin products supporting fair-trade and an environment friendly network.

“Hi Larry, We had a wonderful day with Marie Francoise. We loved the whole experience: going to the covered market to select the items we would be cooking for lunch; being in her home; working on very doable recipes; the cheese tasting event; and eating lunch with Marie Francoise. As an added bonus her husband and daughter joined us for lunch. We had such a good time discussing a number of varied topics. It was a great learning experience for us. We'd like to sign up for another class with Marie Francoise if we return to Paris next year."