Pastry & Chocolate Tour

Learn the history behind some of the best and most renowned chocolate and pastry makers of Paris, and taste the differences as you learn about how they each perfected their art in their own way.

It was up until the end of the monarchy, all the most delicious delicacies, patisseries, champagnes and winces were exclusively reserved for the King and his court. Legendary French dishes and fantastical pastries that still exist today were often creations of the ostentatious court.

It is impossible to resist the fragrant, colorful, and luscious macaron and you will visit one of the best makers in the world. Luscious because when you bite into the ultra thin crust and break through to the soft fluffy, squishy, bright, and colorful combination of egg whites and cream you can not help but think of Marie Antoinette dressed in magnificent pastel silks, eating macarons.

Paris Dessert Tour:

Discover the history of the Macaron, as well as regional sweet delicacies such as Kouign-Amann, and experience both traditional and brand new creations from the best French Artisan-Patissiers!. Did you know that good quality bittersweet chocolate usually contains 60% to 85% solid cocoa. If the content of cocoa solids is high the content of sugar is low, giving a rich, intense and more or less bitter chocolate flavor. You will learn about the importance of Chocolate in France, and how French Chocolate became among the best in the world. To illustrate we will visit an especially creative chocolate maker from the Bretagne region of France, this renowned artisan has become well-known for his fun and lovable sculptures as well as for the variety of chocolate creation he offers, alongside regional specialitie. En route you will taste : Pastries, Macaron, Chocolates, Kouignettes.

Tour Highlights: 

- An introduction to chocolate in France, and Breton pastries 
- The history of popular Parisian pastries.
- The history and uses of Modern chocolate. 
- The history of Macaron.

Paris Chocolate Tour:

From the supplier of the Kings to modern days Maesetros, taste some of the best chocolate in the world. On this tour you will visit a wide variety of the best artisanal Chocolatiers of France, in a district full of art and history ... from the supplier to King Louis XVI to a new concept chocolate cafe where you can watch the chefs make the chocolate.

Discover chocolate creations, sculptures, as well as unique blends, new tastes, and new ways of using chocolate, as you discover how French Artisan Chocolatiers pour their creativity and craftsmanship into their work. A bittersweet experience because you will be sad to end the tour! En route you will taste different types of chocolate...Praliné, Ganaches, Herbal and Bonbons to illustrate the stories.

Tour Highlights: 

- How Chocolate came to France (you'll never guess)
- History of Great French Chocolatiers
- Why is French chocolate the best in the world.
- The difference between commercial and artisanal chocolate
- Different ways of eating and serving chocolate
- Chocolate alchemy, the art of blending ingredients to perfect new types of chocolate.

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Duration :
Daily 3hrs


Cost :
Private 3hr Walking Tour 130€pp

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