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Discover the historical and multi-cultural diversity of the Marais and the heart of gay life in Paris. As you stroll through history you will enjoy a unique multi-sensual experience to stimulate your mind and body.

With its many cafes, restaurants, clubs, fashion boutiques and "maisons et objects" stores, it is the center of Paris’s vibrant gay community. Shops are open on Sunday when most other parts of Paris are closed.

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Duration :
Orientation or Louvre 2hrs


Cost for 2 :
Orientation 225€ / Louvre 275€

Transfer to starting point 39€

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Private Gay Orientation Tour:

Your gay guide will show you the ways of this elegant and historic quarter of Paris, what to avoid and how to get around. He will point out the best bars, saunas, restaurants, gay boutiques and clubs.

Discover gay fashion, leather boutiques and home design stores scattered between beautifully restored mansions and Carnavalet Museums. At the end of the stroll you will pass by clubs and bars, the Jewish Quarter, and a renowned Gay book store.

We'll end the tour with a walk around the main gay meeting spots of the Marais around rue des Archives and see more popular meeting spots. If open we might also see the only remaining 15th century medieval church and Cloister in Paris before dinner at a wonderful gay restaurant where everyone makes friends. more details

Erotic Tour of the Louvre Museum:

The Louvre museum holds thousands of the finest works of erotic art in the world which celebrate the beauty of the male body.

Visit the Louvre with an English speaking art expert and explore some of the most erotic works of art ever created under whatever pretense was given but more often than not, just for the love of beauty.

During your visit you will discover some of these masterpieces as you travel through the centuries of male seduction. more details

Oscar Wilde's Paris

Like so many writers and painters, you will also be delighted by the same charming streets and cafés of the “left bank” of Paris. You can visit some of the favorite haunts of Oscar Wilde and the generation of writers he inspired and influenced. The Latin Quarter known for its bookstores, schools, churches, jazz clubs, Roman ruins, publishing houses, and boutiques, which characterize bohemian Paris formed the setting for Puccini's opera, "La Boheme".

Sylvia Beach's bookstore Shakespeare and Company is particularly associated with Hemingway and the publication of James Joyce's "Ulysses". Nearby lived Gertrude Stein and her companion Alice B. Tokas who opened their home to famous expatriates, writers and artists.

The “Deux Magots” and “Café de Flore”, probably the best known cafés of Paris became the meeting places of writer and artists. Close by is the Procope, the oldest cafe in France, and one of Wilde's favorite. It was the meeting place of Benjamin Franklin, Danton, Robespierre, and Marat.

Wilde ended his days on rue des Beaux Arts at was is now the luxurious l'Hotel. No visit to gay Paris is complete without paying homage to Oscar Wilde and Proust in the famous cemetery of Père-Lachaise.

more Gay Highlights

Not far from the storming of the Bastille was one of the original gates of Paris where wealthy men would cruise the working men who lived outside the city.

Near metro St Paul is a church frequented by Henry III and his mignons, his close group of young men on whom he lavished gifts and favors to the of the whole of Paris.

Place de Vosges one of the most beautiful square in Europe built by Henri 4th and completed in 1612. after passing an area near the Porte of Bastille know for cruising in the 16th and 17th century. He we admire the equestrian bronze of Louis 13th, the King whose most intense emotional ties were with a series of handsome men.

Stop for tea at the most famous tea store in France. Upon entering you will be enveloped by hundreds of exotic Indo-Chinese tea flavors in a 19th century colonial styled setting. Here you will be offered ” tea cocktails”, three to choose from, which is included in the tour price. You can, of course, order cakes, sandwiches, etc or buy some unique teas to take home with you.

Les Mots a la Bouche is the most renowned Gay book store in Paris. You may like to spend some time downstairs perusing their extensive collections of male nude photography books.

Greek Beauty at the Louvre

The beautiful plates and bowls of classical Greece which portray male love were produced in an age when the term "homosexual" was not applicable. Most men were bisexual and male love in Greece was most often love between a man and a youth, though relationships with overly young boys were frowned upon then as they are now. The youths who attracted men's attentions ranged in age from adolescence to early manhood, as can be seen from the images that have come down to us on Greek pottery and sculpture. There were exceptions such as the relationship between Alexander the Great and his boyhood friend Hephaiston and the mythical hero of the Trojan war, Achilles, and his best friend and lover, Patroklos.

The Greek male was expected not only to marry and raise children, but also to be available for friendship and love with worthy youths, not to the exclusion of marriage but as its necessary complement. The underlying philosophy was that the adult lover gave the youth all that was good and noble in him to help his passage into manhood. That a man should be attracted both to lovely women and to youths was seen as natural and normal. It was a male dominated society with the women tending the children at home and the men training at the gymnasium, developing their bodies and discussing ideas. The word gymnasium derives from 'gymnos' naked, reflecting the fact that all sports were performed unclothed, which naturally created an erotic mileau. It is sometimes forgotten that the culture and beliefs of this far-off time are very different from our own which have evolved through a different set of necessities and circumstances, in particular the repressive Victorian Age.

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