Classes in Pastry

The French know how to make bread! Bread in France is an institution. A routine stop at the neighborhood Boulangerie is a normal part of daily life in France where there are more than 30,000 bakeries - in Paris alone there are more than 1,200 strewn across the city.

Names make a difference. There are different types of French bread including, the baguette de tradition, the standard thicker stick is a flute, pain de campagne (country bread) and pain de mie (bread without the hard outer shell). Well known sweet French breads include the croissant, brioche and pain au chocolat.

Croissants - 3hrs: Monday /Friday 9:30am

Learn how to make from scratch croissants, pain au chocolat, and raisin roll using the right technique.

Regular croissant,
Pain au chocolat,
Pain aux raisins (Creme Patissiere & raisins),
Croissant aux amandes (almond cream),
Pains suisse (Creme Patissiere & chocolate drops).

Techniques :

- Make the « Detrempe » : mixture of flour, water, salt, butter, yeast, used in the preparation of croissant.
- Make the « Beurrage » : to add butter to the dough that is called « pâton ».
- Paton : the block of croissant dough after the butter has been folded into the detrempe to form an envelope.
- Make the « Turns » : to give turns to the croissant dough (pâton) by rolling the dough and folding it.
- Feuilleter (to make into leaves) : enclosing the butter in a layer of dough and folding and rolling the dough to form thin layers or « leaves ».
- Abaisser ( to roll out) : to roll out a sheet of pastry dough to the desire thickness with a rolling pin, before cutting and shaping it.
- Follow la Pousse (the fermentation and the rising) : the expansion of the fermented dough caused by the yeast during the rising.

All About Bread Walking Tour:

On our tour we will visit several popular Boulangeries including a traditional hundred year old French bakery famous for its innovations and for being the first to allow customers to watch bakers make their bread. We'll see an award-winning world-renowned boulanger/patissier internationally famous for his pastries creations and viennoiseries, a highly popular boulanger/patissier from the Vosges region of France and a specialist who has single-handedly renewed the reputation of black bread. En route you will taste Baguettes, Croissants, Pain au Chocolats, Poilane Bread & Bread with Fruits and Nuts. You will learn:

- How Boulangeries work in France 
- The history of one of the most popular bakers in France.
- How to recognize different types of French bread 
- How to determine quality.
- The history and quality of white & black bread.

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Days :

Monday, Friday at 9:30am

Cost :
1 class 125€pp

Transfer to the chef's kitchen 39€