Behind the Scenes Tour Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is the worldwide symbol of Paris. It was built for the World Fair of 1889, held to commemorate the centenary of the French Revolution. Standing taller than any other building at 1050ft high, it held the record as the world's tallest structure until 1930. The Eiffel Tower highlighted to the world that the glorious City of Lights was on the edge of modernity and projected the feelings of hope and prosperity of the time.

At the Restaurant 58, a hostess welcomes and escorts you to your table at l, where the atmosphere is one of quiet comfort. The furniture is minimalist so as not to steal the show from the city of lights. An ultra-contemporary setting and a chic and trendy. Pre-reserved lift tickets included in all packages.

Lunch Menu from 11:30am / Dinner Menu Seating 1 at 6:30pm and Seating 2 at 9:00pm

Behind the Scenes Private Tour:

Accompanied by a private tour guide, see what most people don't see and enter the amazing original engine room that still control the elevators, discover the old bunker hidden under the Champ de Mars, stroll along the technical gallery on the first floor and admire the amazing views of the esplanade.

During this exclusive visit, the most unusual aspects of the history of the Eiffel Tower will be unraveled, from the initial challenges associated with its building, its conversion by Gustave Eiffel to the events that mark two centuries of its history.

Lunch or Dinner + Private City Tour by Car:

Our English speaking driver will pick you up at your accommodation for a 2hr orientation tour, a 3hr panoramic tour or a longer more comprehensive half day tour of Paris. After the tour your table is reserved for lunch (2 courses + drink) or dinner (menu opera, 3 courses plus a glass of champagne ). You’ll love the minimalist contemporary design of the chic restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel and its high-quality French food under the management of Super Chef Alain Ducasse.

6:30pm Dinner + 11pm Moulin Rouge Show:

Spend a wonderful evening watching the one of the most famous shows in the world after a 3 course dinner at the 58. At the end of the show, our driver guide will be waiting for you in the Cabaret to escort you back to your hotel.

Lunch or Dinner + Private Horse & Carriage Ride

Experience Paris by a Horse and Carriage is a special experience because there is only one in Paris. Our elegant carriage can carry 4 adults as it moves through past the Invalides, over the Pont Alexandre III and returns via the Rond Points at the Champs Elysee. Rides coordinated for 5pm & 7pm

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Prices based on 2 passengers. Lower for more.

Behind the Scene
Duration: 90 minutes
Includes: Lift tickets to 2nd floor.
Cost: 375€ per group

2hr City Tour
Includes: Accommodation Pick Up
Pre-reserved lift tickets to the 1st fl.
Driver / Guide + Lunch 175€pp
Vintage 2CV + Dinner 240€pp
Vintage Rolls + Dinner


Moulin Rouge
Nightly at 5:30pm / 7pm
Show / Dinner / lift tickets.
Shared 279€pp / Private 325€pp


1hr Carriage +:
Lunch at the 58 160€pp
Dinner 6:30pm 230€pp


Optional :
1hr Professional Photo Portraits 250€