Champagne Paris Tastings and Tours

Champagne, the region Champagne-Ardenne, is 2hrs by car and just 45 minutes by train from Paris through lovely farms and vineyards, chateaux, typical Champenois timber-framed churches and pretty villages. The region, rich in history and culture, is perfect for leisurely strolls, fine food and sampling the king of all wines that is used for so many celebrations and joyous occasions, Champagne.

The wine made from grapes in this area have a natural tendency to sparkle, but in the late 17th century the English, discovered that giving the wine a second fermentation could produce a wine that had lots more sparkle even though it was Dom Perignon who mastered the blending of grapes from different vineyards and mixing with wines from different harvests, the overall quality and uniformity improved and became more consistent in character. Perignon was the first to initiate the practice of aging, conserving and transporting champagne in bottles, and he is credited with being the first vintner to use corks to seal the wines and thicker, English-made glass bottles that held up under pressure.