Paris Wine Tasting

It is a long-standing tradition to enjoy "un verre" in Paris, and remains so today. For those who already have some knowledge of French wines, there are many "bar a vins" and "cavistes" (wine cellars) to explore.

Join us for an English introduction to French wine. Your wine expert will guide you through the different varieties of whites and reds and their regions such as Burgundy, the Loire Valley, Bordeaux and the Cote du Rhone.

Choosing a wine can be an intimidating experience if you don't know how to decode the labels. While many wine producers try to lure customers with elaborate illustrations, selecting wine goes beyond appearance. With the help of a few basic rules and methodology, combined with your will and curiosity to explore the unknown, you can taste a myriad of little known French wines, from small appellations, from many different regions and sub-regions, rare grape varieties.

Learn how to gently swirl your wine to release it's flavors and aromas as well as examine the wine's color, tint and density. As you slowly sip the wine and allow it to roll over your palate, you will learn to identify the main components of taste, the importance of the grapes selected and the effect of aging.

French Regional Tasting in an Ancient Cellar  - Ref WINE1 - Cost: 49€pp

Available Tu – Fri

Join us as we discuss everything from terroir, alcohol content, bottling and terroir so that the next time you need that perfect bottle of wine, you will have a better idea of what to choose.

Includes: English speaking wine expert / 6 glasses (3cl) of wine pp

Organic and Bio Dynamic Wine Tasting  - Ref WINE2 - Cost: 49€pp

Available Daily

Spend an hour in the heart of Paris with a wine expert expert who will explain the joys and beneifts of organic wines and why they make you feel so much better when drinking them.

Includes: English speaking wine expert 1hr / Minimum 3 glasses of wine pp

Marais Walking Tour + Wine Tasting - Ref WINE4 - Cost: 145€pp*

Available Tu – Fri

Reserve this private guided walking tour from Pl. des Vosges through the old streets of the Marais passing the Gay, Jewish and historic quarter of the Marais and ending with a wine tasting in a lovely restored ancient cellar near the Pompidou Center..

Includes: English speaking wine expert / 6 glasses (3cl) of wine pp / Guide 2hrs

Wine Tasting + Wine Bistro Dinner + Jazz Entry - Ref WINE5 - Cost: 95€pp*

Available Tu – Fri

6 flight wine (3cl) introductory tasting in a beautiful wine cellar. Transfer to a wine Bistro in the Latin Quarter. After dinner walk to the Jazz club (25min) near Notre Dame. Entry after 9.30pm & leave when you want.

Includes: Wine Tasting in English / Transfer to Bistro / Jazz Club Entry - Excludes: * meal paid to the restaurant – approx 35€pp

Grand Cru Wine Tasting -Ref WINE6 - Cost: From 89€pp*

Available Tu – Fri

Grand Cru Burgundy wines are some of the most expensive wines in France. Taste 6, 8 or 10 glasses of Burgundy wines & find out what the experts are all talking about.

Includes: English speaking wine expert / 6 glasses (3cl) of wine pp

Grand Cru Tasting + Dinner with an Alchemist - Ref WINE7 - Cost: 99€pp*

Available Tu – Fri

Grand Cru tasting in a beautiful wine cellar. Short walk to a semi gastronomic restaurant serving modern French fare in a historic monument built in 1407 and associated with the Philosopher's Stone.

Includes: 8 flight wine (3cl) Tasting /Reservations - Excludes: * meal paid to the restaurant, from 39€pp

Grand Cru Tasting & Gastronomic Dinner - Ref WINE8 – Cost: 124€pp*

Available Tu – Fri

Burgundy Grand Cru 8 flight x 3cl wine tasting at 5pm in an old cellar (1 1/4 hrs). Private transfer at 6.30pm to Sacre Coeur. Short self guided 10 mins walk downhill to a Michelin Star restaurant booked for 7:30pm

Includes: Wine Tasting in English / Transfer to Montmartre/ Reservations Excludes: * meal paid to the restaurant, from 85€pp

Regional tastings last about 45 minutes and Grand Cru Tasting last about an 1 1/4hr.
* Cost based on 2 participants.