Traditional French Dessert, Croissant & Cooking Classes

Market Visit + Private 3 Course Lunch Cooking Class – Cost From 170€pp

Available Tuesday to Saturday

Visit a fabulous markets in Paris or in Meudon followed by a cheese tasting, cooking class, 3 course lunch & a glass of wine. Our chef will pick you up by car and drive you her home in Meudon.

Includes: Professional Chef / Duration 6hrs / cost decreases with more participants (max 6)

Begin a fantastic day immersed in French food and culture, starting with a lesson based on seasonal recipes in a French home and with a professional chef.

Your chef will meet you in Paris and walk or drive you to the market. After coffee, the class starts around 11am followed by lunch and wine around 2pm. Available in English, Spanish and French. Classes are available Monday to Saturday and the chef is flexible with the menu. Below are examples of markets you will visits.

Wednesday - Avenue du Président Wilson Market
Meet: Metro Iéna Station (line 9) exit on Avenue Président Wilson/Drop Off Same or Avenue de Suffren

Thursday - Avenue Saxe Market
Meet / Drop off: Metro Ségur (line 10) on the Avenue de Suffren side

Friday - Local Market in Meudon
Meet / Drop off: Metro Balard (line 8)

Cheese Tasting

Cheese Gougère with Comté Cheese &amb; Provence herbs (Emmental/ Beaufort)


Asparagus with Mousseline Sauce & soft boiled egg Cooking Technique : Choux pastry / Mousseline Sauce

Main Course:

Brandade Provençale : Parmentier with fish and fresh herbs
Sadad with french vinaigrette
Selection of fresh herbs from the market
Cooking Technique :
Selection of fresh fish / French potato purée / French vinaigrette


Lemon Tart with Meringue
Cooking Technique : Almond tart dough / Lemon Pastry Cream / Meringue

Choux Pastry – Cost 125€pp

Available We 2pm

Drying batter : Working the mixture over the stove / Coucher (Piping) : Placement of the batter on the pan and use of a pastry bag / Glacer (Glazing) : Brushing the surface of certain pastries: Chouquettes: Cream Puffs / Eclair Salee: Savory eclair with chocolate, coffee or vanilla cream,Paris-Brest: Choux pastry & praline cream, Religieuse: Double cream puff with chocolate, coffee or vanilla cream + Choux, Chantilly: Chantilly cream filled puffs, Glazes: Icing sugar, fondant or caramel

Includes: Professional Chef / Duration 2.5 to 3hrs / recipes in English

Tarts – Cost 125€pp

Available Th 2pm

Learn the difference between soft short pastry, crumbly sweet pastry, or shortbread pastry dough /Basic cake mixtures: Joconde spongecake, ladyfinger sponge cake, biscuit dacquoise or Genoise sponge cake / Various creams: french butter cream, diplomat cream, classic pastry cream, mousseline or Chantilly cream. Meringue Lemon tart,  Bourdaloue pear tart, Chocolate ganache tart.

Includes: Professional Chef / Duration 2.5 to 3hrs / recipes in English

Macaron – Cost 125€pp

Available We 10am to Sat 2pm

Learn Petit boule: Cooking sugar to make mergingue /Macaronner: Folding in the batter / Dresser: Piping the batter on a sheet pan. Flavors: Pistachio / Vanilla / Chocolate and Caramel ganache / Passion fruits and milk chocolate ganache / Praline / Coffee-Tonka ganache / Raspberry jam / Blackcurrant ganache.

Includes: Professional Chef / Duration 2.5 to 3hrs / recipes in English

French Dessert – Cost 125€pp

Available Fr 2pm

You will make 4 different typical French desserts chosen at the discretion of the chef each class. If you have any specific allergies please let us know.

Includes: Professional Chef / Duration 2.5 to 3hrs / recipes in English

Croissants – Cost 125€pp

Available We to Sat

Learn how to make from scratch croissants, pain au chocolat, and raisin roll using the right technique. in a professional kitchen close to Montmartre.

Includes: Professional Chef / Duration 2.5 to 3hrs / recipes in English

The French know how to make bread! Bread in France is an institution. A routine stop at the neighborhood Boulangerie is a normal part of daily life in France where there are more than 30,000 bakeries - in Paris alone there are more than 1,200 strewn across the city. Well known sweet French breads include the croissant, brioche and pain au chocolat, pain aux raisins (Creme Patissiere & raisins), croissant aux amandes (almond cream), Pains suisse (Creme Patissiere and chocolate drops). In our Croissant class you will learn :

Detrempe : mixture of flour, water, salt, butter, yeast, used in the preparation of croissant.
Beurrage : to add butter to the dough ( pâton ).
Paton : the block of croissant dough after the butter has been folded into the detrempe to form an envelope.
Turns : to give turns to the croissant dough (pâton) by rolling the dough and folding it. 
Feuilleter : enclosing the butter in a layer of dough and folding and rolling the dough to form thin layers or « leaves ».
Abaisser : to roll out a sheet of pastry dough to the desire thickness with a rolling pin, before cutting and shaping it.
Follow la Pousse : the expansion of the fermented dough caused by the yeast during the rising.