Romantic Tours

The romantic magic of Paris is that today you can still today find the legendary establishment of famous historical lovers alongside new trendy restaurants on their way to making their own history! So whether you are in the mood for a candle lit dinner over onion soup or nouvelle cuisine, Paris is sure to have the right place for your romantic night out

Hemingway once said, “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” A trip to Paris would be the rule! Paris is known around the world as the city of love and romance. The banks of the Seine beckon young lovers to stroll hand in hand. The tiny shops filled with champagne and sweets inspire the impromptu romantic picnic. Even the snug seating in the charming cafés works to bring two hearts closer. Paris has been the meeting place for lovers throughout history, let it be that romantic trip you will never forget!“We'll always have Paris.” Rick, Casablanca

Winter Deal: Celebrate your love and order a bottle of champagne on your horse and carriage ride OR reserve our Portrait Photographer for 2hrs session and we will provide you a complimentary car transfer after your ride anywhere in central Paris (arr 1-8). Use Code HORTSFR17