Paris Perfume Workshops and Multi Day Packages

Eaux Fraiche Creation Workshop

Spend an afternoon with a Top Paris "Nose" and learn how to create your own perfumes.

Introduction to Eaux Fraiches
Participants will be introduced to perfumery, its history and current trends in the first half of the session. Explanation of the origin of the "Eau de Cologne" in Florence, Italy during the 16th century and its evolution into the family of perfumes named Eaux Fraiches.

Hands On Perfume Making
During the second half, each participant will learn a simple method working with raw materials to create several perfumes on your own guided by your perfume expert. You will create various types of Cologne and Eaux Fraiches according to their affinity: classic cologne, fruity, floral, spicy, chypre and green tea. 

The workshop is led in English by an expert in the field who consults to major brands like L'Oreal, and teaches professionals and students alike.

Eau de Toilette Creation Workshop

Join us on an imaginative olfactive journey to help you develop your sense of smell and learn how to mix your own fragrence. Perfect for families and small groups who want to share and have fun.

Introduction to Perfume & Fragrance
The session starts with a fun interactive Q & A using a large video screen to learn about the mysteries of perfumes and entice your nose with new scents.

Create your own Eau de Toilette
You will then select your preferred scents and make your blend and make your very own fragrencee, as unique as you from 17 pre-prepared Eau de Toilettes. The fragrance you will be working with are created in one of the top laboratories in Grasse, the perfume captial for France. They are grouped into the following scent categories:

Grapefruit / Sea / Wild Herbs
Fresh, easy to wear and most often mixed that can be easily assembled with flowers and woods. In this family called by perfumers the "hesperidae", we find the first colognes. The Hesperides are nymphs of Greek mythology who had custody of a golden apple orchard.

Red Fruit
Easy to Wear recalling childhood memories.

Rose / Jasmine / Orange Flower / Lily of the Valley / Lavender / Iris / Lilac
Flowers, at the heart of all fragrant creations are often at the origin of our first olfactory emotions. This family is the richest given the wide variety of creations around a flower. They have been worked to strongly recall their natural scent. These flowers can be mixed together to form bouquets or animated with spicy, fruity, woody touches.

Vanilla / Ginger/ Red Pepper
Spices bring a promise of warmth and sensuality from elsewhere. They also give character to the fragrance and mix perfectly with the flowers and the woods.

Vetiver / Cedre / Agarwood
Spices bring a promise of warmth and sensuality from elsewhere.They also give character to the fragrance and mix perfectly with the flowers and the woods. Wear alone or combined.

With the helpful advice of your dedicated “Fragrence Sommelier” you will learn how to awaken your sense of smell and make your own fragrance. At the end of the 90 minute session, you will receive a personalized engraved bottle of 50 ml the Eau de Toilette you have created.

Multi Day Packages

Introduction to Fragrence and Perfume - 5 Day in Paris

Train your sense of smell with a combination of workshops, private tours and perfume museum visits. This is a sample itinerary which can be customized any way you wish.

Day 1. Airport arrival:
Transfer to Paris with a 3 hr pre check in city overview tour and stop for a panormaic breakfast on the 56th floor.

Afternoon: On your own to walk around, de-stress and if you want a Spa treatment.

Day 2. Place Vendome
Morning: Meet your private guide for tea and learn about the development and history of perfume in a fun and interactive way with perfume sticks for about an hour. It's then time to visit some famous brands around Place Vendome to understand the brands that became the benchmark of perfume today.

Afternoon:  After lunch on your own visit the Fragonard Museum

Day 3. Marais
Morning: Meet your private guide for a tour of the niche perfume brands in the cool section of the Marais.

Afternoon:  On your own visit the new Museum of Perfume.

Day 4. Saint Germain
Morning: Meet your private guide to discover the fashionable Rive Gauche and its perfumers. End at the most elegant department store in Paris, Le Bon Marche, where you can eat lunch in their chic new restaurant.

Afternoon:  Head over to a perfume workshop where you will learn to mix and create your own fragrance with a top "Nose"

Day 5. Heritage
Morning: Half Day private visit to the Palace of Versailles

Afternoon: Private visit to the Louvre museum.

Day 6. Departure
Private Transfer to the airport

Tour Package as above with entries: 1,450€ per person - Total 2,900€

Hotel Options: 4 star 300€ per room 5 night 1,500€ / 5 star 400€ per ropm 5 nights 2,000€

There is no better place to learn about the Art of Perfumery, its history, and the trends to startle, to comfort, to intrigue and for the sheer pleasure.

Paris and Grasse, in South of France, were the cradle of Modern Perfumery, making France the largest exporter of perfumes in the world. Paris has always been the international showcase.

Perfume Workshop Classes – Cost: 125€pp / Private Class on Request

Available Mon to Sat

Learn about the history of Eau Fraiche then learn to make it and create you favorite scent and take a bottle of it home with you. Class is taught in English by a top Nose in her elegant Parisian apartment.

Includes: Professional English Speaking Perfume Expert / Class duration 1 1/2hrs / 50ml of perfume you have created

Make Your Own Eau de Toilette – Cost: 99€pp / Private Class on Request

Available Tue + Fri

Learn about the history of perfume through an interactive Q and A then mix your own fragrence to create your own perfume in a custom engraved bottles righ in the very center of Paris.

Includes: Professional English Speaking Perfume Expert / Class duration 1 1/2hrs / 50ml of perfume you have created in an engravied bottled

2 Course Lunch at Perfume Guerlin + Perfume Workshop - Ref FLP1 – Cost 150€pp*

Available: Tu, Th, Fr

Meet at Perfume Guerlin for a gastronomic lunch at 12pm (approx 42€pp). At 1:20pm your driver will transfer you to your small group perfume workshop (90mins) located close to metro Passy starting at 2pm.

Includes: Perfume Class / One way transfer to workshop / Reservations - Excludes: *Meal paid to the restaurant

5 Day Perfume Introduction Package 1,450€pp*

Available: Weekly except August

As per the outline on the next page discover Paris from a pefumers point of view as well as some nice extras for a very unusual trip. 4 or 5 star hotel options or rent your own apartment.

Includes: 5 days of tours and airport transfers based on 2 people.