Paris Perfume Workshop & Tours

Imagine spending an afternoon with a top Paris "Nose" and learning how to create your own perfumes. Since 2002, The Perfume Studio has organized training for professionals and enthusiasts.

The workshop is led in English by an expert in the perfume field who teaches professionals at the well know school of Perfumery in Versailles and is also a consultant to firms like L'Oreal.

Introduction to Eaux Fraiches
Participants will be introduced to perfumery, its history and current trends in the first half of the session. Explanation of the origin of the "Eau de Cologne" in Florence, Italy during the 16th century and its evolution into the family of perfumes named Eaux Fraiches (45min) .

Hands On Perfume Making
During the second half, each participant will learn a simple method to create several perfumes on your own guided by your perfume expert. You will create various types of Cologne and Eaux Fraiches according to their affinity: classic cologne, fruity, floral, spicy, chypre and green tea. (1 hr).

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Reserve 2 or more people for the workshop and we will provide a FREE private car transfer to the class from anywhere in Central Paris.


Visit the Fragonard private perfume museum which opened in 1983 and, occupies a very lovely Napoleon III house. Here you will relive the history of perfume since ancient times and see a magnificent collection of objects.

Discover Maison Guerlain where we will talk about the birth of the “Eau de Cologne” during the eighteenth century in the city that welcomed Jean Marie Farina who created the original “Eau de Cologne”. You will also smell other great perfumes that have contributed to the elaboration of the different families of scent perfumers. Your guide will explain how Shalimar, Jicky, Mitsouko changed perfumer's view in their approach of composing scents.

Annick Goutal, one of the jewels of "niche" perfumery where you will learn how a violinist became a famous perfumer.

Visit the Jovoy Boutique to discover this temple to "Niche Perfumes Brands" and artisanal perfume houses which operate on a much smaller scale than designer fragrances, and whose presence in mainstream retail department stores is minimal or non-existent.

Paris and Grasse, in South of France, were the cradle of Modern Perfumery, making France the largest exporter of perfumes in the world. Paris has always been the international showcase. There is no better place to learn about the Art of Perfumery, its history, and the trends to startle, to comfort, to intrigue and for the sheer pleasure.

Sharpen your sense of smell and learn to tell a good perfume from a poor one whether you are buying it to wear, or for your home like a scented candle.

Discovering Raw Materials
You will discover around 10 iconic raw materials, natural and synthetic to understand the components of perfumes and to "train" your sense of smell, and follow some simple rules : smell raw materials and then try to identify them in the perfumes. This is how Perfumers « sharpen their nose » - it is playful, and very interactive ! You will learn how identify the differences between the head, middle and base notes not dissimilar to a wine tasting.

For example, orange blossom, an ingredient typically used in french cuisine, but also in plethora fragrances on the market. You will also smell white musc, and its clean scent, and learn the differences between white musc and the animalic musc, used for many years before being entirely forbidden for ethical reasons in the 70s.

Olfactory Trends
After the raw materials you spend some time learning about the history of perfumery. Your expert will present you some fragrances created in the early 20s : historic perfumes, pillars of the market for almost 100 years (like the Chanel N°5, created in 1921). This will help you to understand the evolution of the olfactory trends.

Perfume Shop Visits
Visiting 3 perfume shops will allow you to practice the theory learned during the first part of the tour, and to sharpen your own tastes. You will discover fragrances created more recently, while visiting nice boutiques chosen for their fine perfumes, interesting ambiance, and their warm welcome. This is a privileged moment to spend time with a French perfume expert and with the shop managers, who will share with their knowledge and passion, giving you further technical & historic insights. All shops visits are reserved in advance to ensure the highest qualitative service.

Perfume Workshop Classes – Cost: 125€pp / Private Class on Request

Available Mon to Sat

Learn about the history of Eau Fraiche then learn to make it and create you favorite scent and take a bottle of it home with you. Class is taught in English by a top Nose in her elegant Parisian apartment.

Includes: Professional English Speaking Perfume Expert / Class duration 1 1/2hrs / 50ml of perfume you have created

Learn to Buy Perfume with a Top Expert – Cost : 69€pp

Available Tu at 4pm, Sun 11:30am

Sharpen your sense of small and learn how to buy perfume while visiting 3 nice boutiques chosen for their fine perfumes, interesting ambiance, and their warm welcome.

Includes: Professional Perfuem Expert / Duration 1 1/2hrs / Pre reserved visit of 3 perfumers

2 Course Lunch at Perfume Guerlin + Perfume Workshop - Ref FLP1 – Cost 150€pp*

Available: Tu, Th, Fr

Meet at Perfume Guerlin for a gastronomic lunch at 12pm (approx 42&uro;pp). At 1:20pm your driver will transfer you to your small group perfume workshop (90mins) located close to metro Passy starting at 2pm.

Includes: Perfume Class / One way transfer to workshop / Reservations - Excludes: *Meal paid to the restaurant