Magnificent Chateaux & Abbey Proposals

It's a once in a lifetime event so if you are looking for somewhere unique, grand, unusal and want to splurge consider proposing at a Royal French Chateau or Sacred Abbey near Paris. These are my favorites:

Chateau Versailles: The Palace of Versailles is world famous for its beauty and opulence. In the history of France, no palace better represents the glory of the court from the time of Louis XIV, the Sun King, to France’s last royal couple, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

Chateau Vaux le Vicomte: Vaux was the model model for the gardens of Versailles, illuminated by 2,000 candles and every Saturday during the summer a firework display at 10:50pm.

Chateau Chantilly: The renaissance Castle of Chantilly, and the Conde Museum presents,the second most important collection of paintings and drawings in France, the Living Horse Museum, home to the most beautiful stables of its kind and an equestrian show or demonstration.

Chateau Champagne: One can consider Champagne as the capital of Celebration. A region to walk through the vineyards, visit famous cellars, family producers, see the village of Hautvillers and discover France's most famous Cathedrals where Kings and Queens were annointed.

Abbey Vaux de Cernay: A Cistercian abbey founded in 1118 and now a luxury hotel and restaurant, located in the Chevruese Valley near Rambouillet, a former medieval fortress, acquired by Louis XVI in 1783 as a private residence because of its ideal situation in the game-rich forest of Rambouillet.

Abbey Le Mont St Michel: When you combine the romantic the sacred with the enchanted and magical few place match the fortified island village of Le Mont St Michel situated on the border of Normandy and Britanny.

Fireworks at Chateau Vaux le Vicomte

Available Saturdays in the Summer

6pm pick up at your hotel and drive to wonderful michelin restaurant in Fontainebleau. Then see Vaux by Candlelight before the Fireworks start. Sit back, drink Champagne on the lawn and propose. Depart 11:15pm

Includes: Private transport/ pre-reserved castle entry / champagne on the lawn - Excludes: Meal cost.

Royal Love at Versailles Castle and in a Helicopter

Available Daily except Monday

After the morning tour and lunch visit the Petit Trianon and Marien Antoinette's Estate before a transfer to the heliport for a 20 minutes helicopter flight over the castles of the Chevreuse Valley

Includes: Private transfers & guide /pre-reserved castle entry / 20 mins private helicopter ride - Excludes: Meal cost.

Magic at Abbey Vaux de Cernay

Available Daily

Drive through the Cheuvreuse Valley on your way to a magical Cistercian Abbey and hotel Vaux de Cernay founded in 1118 and restored in 1880 by Charlotte de Rothschild who saved the ruins of the church.

Includes: Private roundtrip transfers Excludes: Meal cost.

Sacred Romance at Le Mont St Michel

Available Daily

Sit back and enjoy the Normandy countryside as you head to one of the great Wonders of the World. The words enchanted, magical, mysterious, mystical all come to mind. As you approach the island in the middle of the ocean you will feel like you have entered a fairytale world where time has stopped.

Includes: Private transport with guide / entries Excludes: Meal cost

Celebrate in Champagne

Available Daily

Pick up in Paris or Reims. Visit your favorite Grande Maison Champagne Brand, a family producer at the Marriage Museum for a few tastings, lunch at a Chateau, a stroll through the vineyards and a stop for a Panormaic view. This trip is totally bespoke.

Includes: Private transport with guide Excludes: Meal cost.

Renaissance Love at Chateau Chantilly

Available Daily

Drive north to Chateau Chantilly and be amazed by its archtecture and Living Horse Museum where the grandest stables in the world are housed. Spend the day and why not spend the night on the grounds or a nearby Castle Hotel before your flight home, and only 35 miutes from the Airport.

Includes: Private transport with guide / entries Excludes: Meal cost

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